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The countdown is on until ROAM-e’s video release

The countdown is on until ROAM-e’s video release


Welcome to the selfie evolution, ROAM-e. Utilising industry specific innovation and our own technology, we’ve created the first facial recognition flying selfie device operated through smartphones and vision control systems.

ROAM-e uses our own invented vision system technology that detects, recognises and tracks its users. What’s bespoke about the technology is its recognition accuracy is greater than 90%*. The software uses unique 2D facial tracking for every individual user and has intuitive features to recognize and follow a trained face. There is also user re-training available if facial similarity is below threshold/acceptable levels. This is truly ground breaking technology where we see it being used in a multitude of applications that go beyond ROAM-e.

With unique follow me truly functionality means that ROAM-e never loses you. ROAM-e will follow you for up to 20 minutes in the air and charges in just two hours! You will always capture perfectly uninterrupted panoramic shots with ROAM-e’s 360 degree 1080p HD camera. And you will never miss a moment with ROAM-e’s live streaming capabilities, so the action is always in real time whenever, where ever. ROAM-e is your personal companion who will always be within 5m of you, so you don’t have to worry about invading anyone else’s space! Built with the world’s first dual-axis collapsible blades means that ROAM-e’s light, compact and easy to carry and ready for any occasion but most importantly not weigh you down. Selfies have reached new heights!

*(in an ideal lab testing environment).